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Welcome to Lead Investors, a pioneering force in property research. We specialise in identifying and presenting properties primed for substantial capital growth and high rental yields across a five different investment strategies.

Tailored For Savvy Investors at Fraction Of
The Cost  Of A Buyers Agent

Our service is uniquely tailored for savvy investors who are not just looking for a property, but for a strategic investment that accelerates their journey to financial freedom.

"We Just... Do It For You"

With Lead Investors, you gain more than just a list of "Value-Holding" properties; you gain a strategic partner dedicated to your growth and success and you access a 'done-for-you' service.

  • Personalised Investment Strategies: We understand that each investor has unique goals and challenges. We work closely with you to understand your chosen strategy to find the right property that fits your criteria & aligns with your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and long-term vision.
  • Continuous Market Analysis: The real estate market is dynamic and ever-changing. We continually analyse market trends, legislative changes, and economic shifts to provide you with timely insights and strategic advice, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Simplifying Complex Investments: At Lead Investors, we understand that property investment can be complex and time-consuming. We stand out as the first of its kind in the industry, dedicated to taking the pain out of property research for our clients. Our approach is straightforward and no-nonsense; we cut through the clutter to deliver clear, actionable insights. 

Rigorous Research for Hidden Gems
Across 5 Different Property Investment Strategies

Our expert team employs rigorous research methodologies & data-analytics combining market datatrends analysiseconomic factorsinfrastructure developmentdemographics and local insights from over 
12 professional-data resources, to identify properties that are not just profitable
but also align with our clients' investment goals.

Property Research is our forte and that's all we specialise in.
We pride ourselves on our ability to discover hidden gems and provide our clients with
opportunities that others might overlook.

In the dynamic world of property investment, the key to success lies in making informed decisions based on comprehensive research. Lead Investors, a renowned property research company, stands at the forefront of this approach, utilising an impressive array of over 30 different metrics to analyse and identify the best suburbs and properties for a variety of investment strategies.

Let's delve into how Lead Investors applies this meticulous method to cater to diverse investment needs, ranging from renovate-and-sell to low-risk and development strategies.

Buy and Hold (High Capital Growth)

In the buy-and-hold strategy, finding "Value-Holding" properties with longevity and steady appreciation are key. Here, Lead Investors employs metrics like historical capital growth rates, rental yield trends, and neighbourhood demographic shifts. We also look at long-term infrastructure developments and economic growth indicators in the suburb to ensure the property remains a lucrative investment over time.

Higher Rental Yield & Cash Flow

For investors seeking high cash flow properties, Lead Investors zeroes in on metrics such as current rental yields, vacancy rates, local employment rates to name a few. Properties in areas with high demand for rentals, evidenced by low vacancy rates and robust rental history, are often ideal for this strategy.

Buy Off the Plan

The idea of buying off the plan is to ensure that you have equity at settlement. For this strategy, Lead Investors relies on metrics that forecast the future potential of a property. This includes keeping an eye on development approval trends, future infrastructure projects, projected demographic shifts
and an oversupply from other developers

Buy at Discount

For the buy-at-discount strategy, Lead Investors looks for undervalued in areas where properties are regularly being heavily discounted. Metrics such as recent sale prices in the area, and market saturation levels are analysed. The goal is to identify properties that are priced below their intrinsic value
and estimated valuations, due to factors like urgent sales or market unawareness.

Low Risk

Low-risk property investment strategies require a different set of metrics, focusing on stability and security. This includes analysing economic stability in the area, historical property price stability, and environmental risk factors. Properties in established suburbs with consistent growth and low volatility are typically preferred for this strategy.

Tailored Approach for Each Strategy

What sets Lead Investors apart is not just the vast array of metrics analysed but the tailored combination of these metrics used for each investment strategy. Recognising that each strategy has its unique demands and risks, Lead Investors meticulously combines relevant metrics to identify the most
suitable suburbs and properties for each specific investment approach.

This detailed and customised analysis ensures that every investor, regardless of their preferred strategy, receives well-researched recommendations. The outcome is a portfolio that aligns perfectly with your investment goals and risk appetite, setting the stage for successful property investment ventures.

Lead Investors' approach of using over 30 different metrics to tailor property recommendations for various investment strategies exemplifies their commitment to providing detailed, data-driven, and personalised property investment solutions. This method not only helps investors in making well-informed decisions but also significantly enhances the chances of achieving their financial objectives in the property market.

A Partnership for Your Financial Aspirations

We cater to investors who demand excellence and transparency in their property investments. With Lead Investors, you are not just investing in real estate; you are investing in a partnership that values your financial aspirations and works tirelessly to help you achieve them. 

Join us on this journey and experience a smarter, more efficient path to growing your property portfolio
and securing your financial future.

Who is it for?

Effortless Investing for the Informed Investor
Lead Investors is the perfect partner for those who understand that effective property investment goes beyond just having a subscription to a property data provider. It's about having a holistic view of the market, where insights are gathered from a wide array of sources, not just one.

Beyond Just Data: A Comprehensive Approach
We recognise that successful property investment requires more than just raw data. It's about interpreting this data correctly and understanding how different market factors interplay. That's where our expertise comes in. We analyse information from various sources to provide you with well-rounded, comprehensive insights.

Expert Analysis, Simplified for You
Our service is designed for those who want to avoid the complexities of property research. With Lead Investors, you get the benefit of expert analysis without having to dive into the overwhelming world of data yourself. We take on the task of meticulously examining the market, sparing you from the intricate and time-consuming process.

Your Trustworthy Investment Partner
At Lead Investors, we do more than just present properties; we offer a service that is committed to your financial growth. We understand that good property research is an art that combines data from multiple sources to form a clear, actionable strategy. Trust us to be your guide in this journey, providing you with smart investment choices without the hassle of extensive research.

In essence, Lead Investors is ideal for those who appreciate the complexity of property research and seek a comprehensive, hassle-free investment experience. We’re here to simplify your path to successful property investment by handling the intricate analysis for you.

Property Research Process

1. Foundation Meeting

In our initial meeting with you as a property investor, our primary objective will be to gain a comprehensive understanding of your investment strategy, budgetary constraints, and personal preferences regarding property investments.

This collaborative session is designed to align our research and recommendations closely with your goals and expectations.

  • We will delve into your long-term investment objectives, risk tolerance, and any specific markets or property types you are interested in.
  • Discussing the budget will help us determine the range and scale of properties to consider, ensuring that our suggestions are financially feasible for you.
  • Additionally, understanding your preferences – whether they pertain to location, property size, type, or potential for value appreciation – is crucial for us to tailor our research effectively.

This meeting sets the foundation for a customised, strategic approach to identify properties that align with your investment criteria, maximising the potential for a successful and profitable collaboration.

2. Progressive Meeting

In our next meeting, we will present a well-researched list of suburbs that perfectly match your criteria and budget. Our choices are based on a detailed analysis of market trends, growth potential, and demographic data, ensuring they align with your investment strategy.

Each suburb is carefully selected, not at random, for its strong potential and relevance to your goals. We'll provide clear, data-backed reasons why these suburbs are ideal for your investment, helping you make informed decisions.

We aim to recommend suburbs that not only meet your needs but also offer great future value. In this meeting, we will also narrow down our focus to a maximum of 5 top suburbs. This will set the stage for us to begin selecting specific properties that align with your selection criteria.

3. Follow up Meetings

In our follow meeting, we showcase a shortlisted property meticulously chosen to align with your investment strategy, located within the suburbs you've shortlisted, and meeting the specific criteria you set forth. 

This presentation will show case a property that best fits your requirements in terms of location, budget, potential for growth, and other key factors.

However, we understand the dynamic nature of the property market. In the event that this primary choice is sold or taken by a competing investor before you can make a decision, we are prepared. We will present an additional range of up to 10 different properties, each handpicked to cover your selection criteria comprehensively.

Our aim is to offer you a broad spectrum of investment options, providing the flexibility to choose a property that truly aligns with your investment aspirations.

For each property, we will provide in-depth information, highlighting its unique advantages, potential financial returns, and insights from our extensive market analysis.

This final meeting is more than just a presentation of options; it's about equipping you with all the essential information and data, ensuring that you are well-informed and confident in making your investment decisions.

We are committed to guiding you through this final phase of our research service, ensuring that you step forward in your property investment journey with clarity and confidence.

What else is included?

12 Month Access To...

Ever expanding Actionable Checklist Vault

When you choose our Property Research services, you gain an invaluable resource: access to our comprehensive checklist vault. This vault is constantly updated and expanded & includes detailed checklists for every stage of your property investment journey.

Whether you're conducting due diligence, considering off-the-plan purchases, selecting sales agents, preparing loan applications, hiring a lawyer, or even bidding in an auction, we have you covered.

Each checklist is meticulously designed to guide you through the specific process, ensuring nothing is overlooked. This systematic approach is key in property investment, providing clarity and structure. It replaces guesswork and gut feelings with a reliable, methodical strategy.

By using these checklists, you can approach each aspect of property investment with confidence, knowing that you are following a thorough and proven path. This not only helps in making well-informed decisions but also in efficiently navigating the complexities of property investment. With our checklists, you're not just prepared; you're empowered to make smarter, more successful investment choices.

Discussion Forum

As part of our services, you'll have life time access to an extensive discussion forum. This platform is a valuable tool where you can ask any urgent questions you might have. Whether you need insights from our team or advice from fellow community members, this forum is a rich resource for guidance.

Think of it as a support ecosystem, designed to assist you at every step. You're encouraged to fully utilise this space. It's not just about getting answers; it's about engaging in meaningful conversations, learning from the experiences of others, and gaining diverse perspectives.

This forum simplifies the process of seeking help and information. Whether you're dealing with a complex issue or need quick tips, the community is there to help. It's an integral part of your engagement with our services, ensuring you're never alone in your property investment journey.

Negotiation Case Studies

We're developing a unique collection of negotiation case studies, detailing real-world scenarios along with the various negotiation strategies employed in each. This one-of-a-kind repository is still growing, as we've only started adding to it recently. To make the most of this resource, we encourage you to use our discussion forum. Here, you can post your own negotiation scenarios with all the relevant details (follow guidelines below posting specific property details). Our experienced community members will then offer guidance and advice on how to effectively navigate these negotiations. Once you have successfully negotiated the deal, we convert your post to a case study.

Property investment analysis software

Property Investment Analysis Software

When you buy an investment property, you are not really buying a physical property. What you are really buying is it's income stream. So what you pay for the investment property must justify the potential income & cash flow that it brings in.

Most property investors are oblivious of what this means for their investment decision. With smart real estate investment analysis aka real estate pro forma, you can not only figure out exactly what your investment is worth today, you can also analyse what it will be worth in 5, 10, 15 or 50+ years from today.

Smart REIA - the real estate pro forma i.e. it is essentially a real estate investment analysis software that analyses investment opportunities and help you make the decision based on facts and numbers rather than hunches.

And as part of our service and quality commitment to you, a 12 month subscription to Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis Software is included in $2997 including GST. (learn more)
Includes complete training on how to use Smart REIA.


How much does the property research service cost?

Transparent Pricing Without the Sales Pitch

Our commitment to transparency means we don't require a preliminary sales call to disclose our fees. Our property research service is not only specialised but also notably affordable. While typical buyers' agencies charge between $12,000 to $17,000, we focus exclusively on property research and offer this valuable service for a flat fee of $2,997, including GST.

Cutting Through the Tech Hype

Many buyers' agencies boast advanced, data-driven services, often highlighting the use of AI and other high-tech tools. Yet, they usually depend on publicly available data to pinpoint "hotspot" properties that are already being discussed in the media.

Specialised and Focused Approach

In contrast, our service is highly specialised and focused solely on property research where a rela human will collate data from over 12 professional resources that cost thousands a year and cover numerous aspects of the property market.

We provide unique insights and opportunities that delve deeper than the standard, readily available information. This specialised approach allows us to provide our services at a much lower cost compared to traditional buyers' agencies, without sacrificing the quality and thoroughness of our research.

Delivering High-Value Property Insights

Our goal is to offer specialised, high-value property insights, ensuring your investment journey is both cost-effective and well-informed. We strike a balance between affordability and quality research, giving you the best of both worlds in your property investment endeavors.

How many properties will you find and present?

Highly Effective Property Research

Our property research service is tailored specifically to your needs, offering remarkable accuracy. This precision often leads our investors to be ready to make an offer on the first or second property we show them. This quick success rate highlights the effectiveness of our dedicated approach in finding the ideal property that meets your investment criteria.

Commitment to Thoroughness and Fairness

We are committed to going above and beyond in our service. Although many clients find what they're looking for early on, we ensure to present up to 10 well-researched properties. This guarantees that you receive a comprehensive view of the market and have multiple options that match your specific needs.

Our Goal: Providing the Best Choices

Our primary aim is to offer you the best possible property choices. We want to ensure that you have the chance to consider a variety of properties before making your final decision. This method not only shows our dedication to your satisfaction but also underscores our confidence in the precision and quality of our research. By choosing our service, you'll experience a streamlined and successful property investment process with less stress.

Can I get a discount?

Top-Tier Property Research Service

Blend of Services: We provide a unique combination of a "Done-for-You" service along with continuous support & learning through our platform to help you find the best property.

Cost-Effective and High-Quality

Affordable Excellence: Our services are not only high-quality but also priced fairly, out performing property courses, seminars, buyer's agents fees, and even some AI data subscription services that come with a steep learning curve.

Unique Opportunity to Recoup Your Investment

Earn Back Your Investment: We offer a transparent and fair opportunity for you to recover 100% of your investment with us, and potentially more. Details of this exclusive offer will be shared after you sign up for our service.

Do you negotiate the price on our behalf?

We firmly believe that you, the client, are the best negotiator for buying your property. You understand your finances best and don't need to rely on agents to negotiate for you, especially since in Australia, property listings are often openly available and agents typically don't engage in much negotiation.

To assist you, we provide two key resources:

  1. A collection of real-life negotiation case studies. These offer valuable insights and tactics for you to use in your negotiations. (learn more)
  2. Desktop valuations of properties, giving you a price range with low, medium, and high confidence levels. This valuation is a great starting point for your negotiation.

Our focus is on thorough property research. We work hard to find properties that fit your budget and have great potential for increasing in value, ensuring your purchase is not just a home, but a smart investment.

Do you conduct site due diligence on the property?

When investing in property, it's crucial to conduct three types of site-related due diligence, two of which require professional assistance.

1. Legal Due Diligence

This step involves a lawyer or conveyancer. They will carefully review your contract of sale, modify clauses and terms as needed, and ensure you fully understand the agreement you are entering.

2. Building and Pest Inspection

Only a licensed building inspector should carry out this inspection. They check the structural integrity of the building, compliance with the Building Code of Australia, and ensure the property is free from pests, such as termites. This is an additional check to ensure that the property meets your standards and investment objectives.

3. Fit for Purpose Due Diligence

This involves verifying that the property's zoning laws, overlays, height restrictions, setbacks, and easements align with your intended use of the property. Zoning analysis identifies permissible uses, while overlay maps show if the property is in a flood zone, bushfire zone, or has other specific restrictions. Fortunately, zoning maps are often included in the contract of sale.

It's important to note that our services focus on capital growth and rental yield for investment properties only and not property development due diligence. A property development due diligence is a specialised service which involves many more consultants including a thorough property development feasibility study.

Can I buy property in South Australia (SA) and Western Australia (WA) while residing in New South Wales (NSW)?

In other words, can I buy an interstate investment property?

Yes, you can purchase property interstate even if you are currently in NSW and unable to travel to SA or WA. This can be done remotely, including making offers, conducting inspections, and finalizing the purchase.

How do I manage property transactions if I can't visit the properties personally?

You can handle most aspects of the transaction online. This includes making offers on properties, conducting building and pest inspections, obtaining rental appraisals, and signing contracts. The entire process can be managed remotely.

Is it possible to sign property contracts online?

Yes, you can sign property contracts online. The advancements in digital technology and legal acceptance of digital signatures have made it possible to complete these transactions electronically.

Can I have the owner give the keys directly to my rental manager?

Yes, you can arrange for the property owner to hand over the keys to your rental manager. This is a common practice in remote property transactions.

What role does a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor play in interstate property purchase?

Your conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor will handle most aspects of the property settlement process. They can manage the legalities and paperwork, ensuring that everything is in order for a smooth transaction.

Should I consider a pre-settlement inspection?

It's advisable to consider a pre-settlement inspection. If you can't be there in person, you can have this done remotely, possibly through your property manager or another representative.

Why are property managers important for interstate property investment?

Local property managers are essential for interstate investments as they perform due diligence on the rental appeal and condition of the property. They provide local knowledge which is crucial for investors who are not local to the area. Engaging a local property manager does not cost you anything and they will bat for you, as they want your business once you have purchased the property.

Can property managers replace buyers agents in some functions?

Yes, property managers can replace some functions of buyers agents. They often conduct similar local checks and are more focused on long-term property management rather than just transactional processes.

Is there a conflict of interest in using property managers compared to buyers agents?

There's generally less conflict of interest with property managers since they are accountable over the long term for their recommendations, unlike buyers agents who are more focused on transactions. A buyer's agent want to close the transaction, where as a local property manager wants to impress you so they can win your business.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to your success extends beyond property research. We are dedicated to fostering a community of knowledgeableconfident, and successful property investors. Join us at Lead Investors, and embark on a journey where we simply find the "Value-Holding Gems" for you, opening doors to unparalleled investment opportunities and financial growth.

Welcome to the future of real estate investment
where your aspirations meet our expertise.